What Seriously Slim means to us

and what it can mean to you!

Seriously Slim is comprised of a group of professional women with backgrounds in healthcare, business, military service, education and parenthood. If you think that we have always been lucky enough to be thin, you are mistaken. Every one of us has been seriously overweight in our adult lives. Some of us have been heavy all our lives, until we found this program. We each have our specific story as to why we were overweight, but we have found each other through this program, and our Seriously Slim selves.

The passion that each of us feels for helping others, finally finding Seriously Slim, a diet program that seriously works, and the desire to tell the whole world is why this company exists. Seriously Slim is a compilation of many people’s work, countless hours of research, amazing focus, enthusiastic dreams, frustrating tears, overwhelming joy, friendship, love and energy.

The struggles that you are facing, we have faced. The emotional, physical and spiritual challenges that are overwhelming at times; you can conquer. We know what you are going through because we’ve been there. You are stronger than you think. With our guidance, coaching, gentle constructive criticism, support, cheerleading and positive influence, we can help you lose weight and keep it off for life!

Our Seriously Slim Program is a life-changing, transformational experience that will bring you to the reality of where you were, where you are now, and where you want to be. We will help you get where you want to be and your goal will become a reality. Seriously! You can do it!